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5 Must-Try Project for Java Beginners! ☕

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Published on Sep 22, 2021

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Java is a highly demanding and popular programming language.

There are some most important features of java like multi-threading, object orientation, platform independence, and security due to which most companies are always looking for skilled and expert java developers.

For being an expert in not only Java but in any language all you have to do is practice. And projects are always the best thing for practice.

Let's get started!!

Must- try Projects for Java beginners

1. Currency Converter

People need to be updated on the latest exchange rate while transferring money. Therefore, a currency converter is a mini-Java project that provides a web-based interface for exchanging/converting money from one currency to another. Built using Ajax web features, Java servlets. Such applications are used for business, stocks, and financial-related areas.

In this project:

  • Firstly user is asked to input the amount that he wants to convert
  • Then input the currency that he wants to convert from
  • Then input the currency in which he wants to be converted in
  • Then click on Convert, the amount will convert successfully.

2. Brick Breaker Game

It's a simple program that you can run on your system with a ball and a plate and bricks on top. You need to move the plate horizontally according to the resolution that the ball should not miss the plate after breaking the top brick of the window. If you miss the game is over.

The following are some of the events of project implementation.

  • Display the bricks and disappear after hitting the ball.
  • A small platform that moves left and right
  • The ball must jump after hitting a brick with a pitch down
  • Score Display

3. ATM Interface

Nowadays there is no city without ATM. ATMs are built in Java. This is complex project contains five classes and is a console-based application. When the program starts the user is notified by the user id and user password. If you enter data successfully, the ATM function opens. The project allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Transaction History
  • Withdraw
  • Deposit
  • Transfer
  • Quit

4. Number Guessing Game

The number guessing number is based on the idea where the player guesses the number in the middle of the range. If a player guesses the exact number a player wins, another player loses the game. Since this game offers limited attempts, therefore, the player has to guess the number with limited attempts, otherwise, he will lose the game.

Number Guessing Game has three rules:

  • You must enter only valid numbers in the specified range.
  • You will be given limited attempts to guess the number.
  • You can't leave the game, once you've started.

5. Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a trending Java project. A VPN creates a private network using a social network such as the Internet to create secure and encrypted connections.

VPN provides the following benefits:

  • It is used by digital advertisers to plan marketing strategies in various countries
  • Allows you to access restricted sites in your country
  • Enables you to securely connect to other networks
  • You can browse anonymously through the internet
  • Increases internet speed

So pick one of the above projects and get yourself busy with that. Tell me in the comment section which project you've made.

Hope you find this article useful. Keep learning with Road to Code.

Happy Coding!

Thank You!

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