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Best resources To Learn Kotlin Programming

Best resources To Learn Kotlin Programming

Suraj Shende

Published on Apr 2, 2021

2 min read

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We all know now Kotlin is the official language for Android Development. It can be used anywhere Java is used today because it runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

🚀One of the most significant advantages that Kotlin has over Java is that one can write the same algorithm in Kotlin with fewer lines of code.

📌Kotlin docs:

I strongly prefer this resource because it is an official guide and it saves you from the preferences of others. It really helps when you do not want to focus on unnecessary code explanation and want to focus on tiny-tiny details.

📌Kotlin Crash Course:

This course is by Philipp Lackener is available on YouTube and just one and half-hour-long video that walks you through the entire Kotlin language and use cases front in the write, compile and debug manner.

📌Learn the Kotlin programming language:

This is an official resource by Google and mainly focused on Android Development. It serves as a Kotlin crash-course to get you up and running quickly. Along with this, you can also refer to Additional resources for getting started with Kotlin.

📌Antonio Livia’s blog:

Antonio Levia is an Android Engineer, trainer and Google Developer Expert for Kotlin. He is an Official Certified Trainer by JetBrains, which means that the quality of his training has been verified by the company that created the language.

Apart from these resources there are hundreds of useful videos, blogs, podcasts and documentations are there follow any of them from where you understand Kotlin in a better way.

🎯🏆 All The Best & Happy Coding !!

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