Code Snapshot: Share Your Code With Style

How we share the code snippet? Mostly plain text or GitHub links...

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Today I am going to tell you an interesting way to capture your code snippet using the vs-code extension Code Snapshot. I was always curious about awesome code snippet like this on various platforms, now I know how to do that:

Now let's look step by step:

👉Step1: Open the VS Code then download and install the Code Snippet extension from the following link and install it: Code Snapshot img1.PNG


Once the installation is finished type some code or open existing code. img2.PNG

👉Stpe3: After writing the code right-click on the blank area in the editor and you will find the Code Snapshot 📸 option at the bottom, select this option to open the Code Snapshot tab. img3.PNG

👉Step4: Once the Code Snapshot tab is opened simply paste 📋 the code by pressing ctrl+v(No need to copy the code because the extension automatically will do it for you). img4.PNG

👉Step5: Now your Code Snapshot is ready, we can select the option to show the number line, also we can change the colour of the border area and we can resize its padding. Now all the customization is done so, to capture and export the Code Snapshot click on that Shutter Button and it will open the save image file options. img5.PNG

🙌Awesome! Now the Code Snapshot is ready to share...✉️ code-snapshot.png

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Well, this small article describes about a very useful technique🌻 I appreciate this, you curated it in a very comprehsisble way👼 It is catching attention 😇

Keep it up, All the best for everything 💯 May god bless you with immense happiness, success and health 🎉

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Wow... just signed up to this platform and I am being welcomed with this awesome article. I am sure gonna implement it on my vs code stuido

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This is an amazing way. Thank you for sharing Suraj Shende

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Wow! Just an awesome way to take a snapshot of codes. Thank you so much Suraj Shende for sharing this.

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Very interesting 👌👏

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This is cool! I just started a blog, I'll definitely be using this in the future.

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Wow! This is so cool Suraj Shende. I am definitely going to check it out.

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Very very useful

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Very concise and insightful