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Five awesome and easy projects for C beginners!!

Five awesome and easy projects for C beginners!!

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Tejal sakore

Published on Aug 25, 2021

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When we learn something, the theory is not enough. For complete knowledge, we have to implement that theory in practice. This concept is also applicable to the project building. Project making makes your programming stronger.

Here are five interesting projects that will certify your C programming knowledge:

1. Tickets Reservation System

Using C we can develop a reliable Tickets Reservation System. This project includes the following features.

  • Login system page
  • Easy ticket booking
  • Display arrival and departure of trains
  • Systematic representation of train's information

Using the same code we can develop hotel booking, restaurant tables booking, and many more.

2. Customers Billing System

File handling in C stores data, we can use it for storing sales and customer data. In order to use this system, you will get three features:

  • Adding Customer Account
  • Searching account by name or number of Customer
  • Exit the system

3. Snake Game

This is a simple project.

  • There will be a snake and food in this game. We have to move the snake towards food.
  • GOTO function controls the movements and direction of the snake.
  • Up, down, left, and right arrows control the snake.
  • For storing game scores we can use File handling.

4. Diary Management

This project is the comfortable application of C without graphics. You will get the following features in this project:

  • You add, delete, view, and edit the records.
  • Each record can be entered with many details such as name, duration, date, address.
  • You can also set the password to the diary if you want.

5. Cricket Score Sheet

This project is also made using file handling. The Cricket score sheet project displays scores of the cricket matches on screen.

  • Firstly welcome page will display and then fades away to show the main menu.
  • The main menu contains: -> New Score Sheet -> View Score Sheet -> Exit
  • If you enter "1" new score sheet will appear, for "2" will view the saved sheet, and after entering "3" will exit the sheet.

Make these projects and Enjoy using self-made applications!

Keep learning with Road to Code.

Thank You!

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