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How to build a perfect resume!?

How to build a perfect resume!?

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Tejal sakore

Published on Aug 20, 2021

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For achieving any kind of job a good resume plays an important role. To land a good job, making a perfect resume has become a necessity. Every person with skills should have an effective resume to represent their portfolio. But you don't need to be panic at all! In this article, we'll give you some tips which will help you to create an effective resume that will help you secure your dream job.

An Ideal resume must include the following points:

  • Your Name
  • Personal Information
  • Objective
  • Projects
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Achievements
  • Skills

Let us talk about it in detail:

Your Name:

Your name should be written in bold letters and with a sufficiently large font size. Without any experience don't mention any professional tag under your name.

Personal Information:

In personal information commonly done mistake by people is writing the residential address. No one is going to visit your home, right? So avoid writing your residential address. If they need it, they will ask.

Your personal information should include the following points in the same order:

  1. Contact Number
  2. Email Address with fewer numerical digits
  3. LinkedIn profile link
  4. GitHub profile link

You may also add any other professional social media link or a link to showcase your work.


As there are so many people applying for jobs, so companies get thousands of resumes. Each resume is analyzed approximately for 10-15 seconds. In this case, it becomes crucial to make an impact on companies. The only way by which you can do this is the most relevant and effective objective.

There is a lot of misinformation about searching for a good resume objective. Despite that, some say the objective is not a statement of what you hope or want to gain, it should be a summary of your resume which describes you best. We'd advise you to do some research about the company, its higher authorities, and the job profile. You can use this information to customize your objective and impress them.


For computer science, students' projects are the most important part of the resume. It defines your technical work and good projects can have a big impact. Ideally, there should be two projects in your resume and they are supposed to be from different technologies or showcase different skills. Write project name, what languages were used, a pointwise but precise description of the working of the project.


You can add this in descending order i.e., your latest achievement will be written first. No need to add your marks or percentages unless they are extraordinary or if you think they are worth mentioning.


In the achievements section, you can mention certificates, any achievements in coding competitions like hackathons. You can even include any award that you achieved in extracurricular activities until it's relatable to the job profile.


And here is another important section of your resume. As being computer science freshman you must mention your programming skills. Write languages that you've learned and show your expertise level about that language with star remark like beginner, intermediate, or expert.

So these are some basic things you must follow to make an eye-catching resume. Hope you find this article useful. What are you waiting for? Get down to business and make your very first resume now!

We wish you all the best. Keep learning with Road to Code!

Thank You!

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