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What are some Interesting projects that C++ beginners must try?!!๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Published on Sep 8, 2021

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Projects are an as important part as learning in any language. For gaining complete knowledge of any language we can't skip projects.

Making a project not only makes your ideas clear about programming but also you can find too many new things there that others might rarely know. Also the projects you'll make may ask you by your interviewer in the future.

Following are some projects that you'll find interesting making them :

1. Sudoku Game

Sudoku is one of the popular games. Making Sudoku in C++ performs the following functions :

  • Display game board
  • Checking repetition of numbers in rows and columns
  • Placing values inboxes
  • Making the final decision

2. Car Rental System

The Car Rental Program is based on the concept of car renting and you have to create a rental invoice for the company.

This system contains :

  • Login Page
  • Car Selection
  • Making Invoice

3. Casino Number Guessing Game

It is an interesting game in which the player guesses the number in the given range. If the chosen number matches with the winning number then the winner will get the amount price or will deduct the bet amount by their wallet.

  • Firstly the welcome page will notify you to enter the player name and amount.
  • Then the next page will let you know about game rules.
  • Then the game will start.
  • And at last, the result will be shown and will ask you about "wanna play again or to quit?".

4. Currency Converter

This project converts one country's currency to many other country's currencies like Indian Rupees to American Dollars, Mexican Pesos, etc.

This project is simple and easy to handle by the user.

  • Ask the user to enter the money amount which he wants to convert.
  • Display the Converted Result.
  • Quit

5. Security System

This project is made by using some basics of C++ like conditional statements, loops, functions, and files. There are main choices in this project that will appear on the welcome page :

  • Changing the password
  • Go to the login page
  • Quit the program

These are some amazing projects that you can build after completing or while learning C++.

Hope you find this article interesting. Keep learning with Road to Code.

Happy Coding! Thank You!

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