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What are the must-do interview questions for the HR round?!!

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Published on Sep 8, 2021

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As you have always dreamed of getting the job of your dream and now it is finally possible!

Ready for HR interview?

Many questions have been raised in your head, such as How are you going to handle this discussion? What preparations do you need to make for that? What questions will your employer or HR ask you? ..... and many more ... But you don't need to worry at all ...

Here, I have created the most frequently asked and popular questions to get an idea about the depth of the real HR interview.

Question 1: Why did you decide to apply for this role?

This question is mainly asked to know the candidate's interest in the respective role. Candidates should show that applying for this job is a serious thing on their part.

Sample Answer:

" I have followed your company for many days, I have found that you have a great software team. I'll love to work in this environment and to take a step towards my growth."

Question 2: Tell me something about you...

This question is asked to test your confidence and self-awareness. Don't give over appreciation about yourself.

Sample Answer:

"Thank You Sir/ Ma'am! For giving me this opportunity.

I'm confident, hardworking, and very professional living being. I love to co-operate with co-workers and to do team work.

And also I'm very creative person who love to live life in artistic way."

Question 3: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

For this question you have to be short and clear. Don't linger your answer.

Sample Answer:

" I ask too many questions cause I want to do my work perfectly. I think that's my weakness and strength too."

Question 4: What is your greatest fear?

This is a stress test question. Don't just talk about your weaknesses, the person you interviewed sincerely wants you to talk about your gaps. Try to resist the urge to give up too many points. Answer accordingly.

Sample Answer:

" My greatest fear is the fear of failure by my own silly mistake in my work."

Question 5: Tell me about this gap in your resume...

The aim behind asking this question is that they want to know that if there is anything innovative or interesting done by you in this gap and to make sure that there isn't any red flags.

Sample Answer:

"After graduating from my master's degree, I started working non-stop 5 years. That is why I decided to take a leave of absence to go to other countries to volunteer. This has helped me clear my mind and help other people, while gaining new skills (such as communication and planning skills)."

Question 6: What motivates you?

This question is for knowing what kind of personality you are.

Sample Answer:

"I have some goals set in my mind. That goals will give me my identity. This will be my greatest achievement. That dream inspires me to move towards my goals."

**Question 7: What is the difference between hard work and smartwork?"

The aim is to ask this question is to know your point of view towards things. How you deal with the things.

Sample Answer:

"The Hard work is to deliver work on time with extra effort and smart work to deliver work on time, with little effort.

I feel that is a fundamental difference.

Many times, in the world of unity, I feel that your combination of both is necessary for excellence."

Question 8: Are you open to take risks? Do you like experimenting?

This question is asked for testing your ability to do any work given on the time.

Sample Answer:

"Yes, Of Course Sir/Ma'am! I always love to try new and different things.

I believe 'Experimenting something is either good or bad, will always be an experience and a lesson to learn."

Question 9: Why should I hire you?

Mostly freshers take this question as a challenging question. But remember this is stress checking question which you have to pass easily with an powerful answer. This can be second chance to repeat your qualities.

Sample Answer:

"Sir/ Ma'am, I have good qualifications, and ability to stand 100% on requirements that this job profile wants me to do.

Besides that, if I get chance to prove myself, I'll give my best."

**Question 10: Do you have any questions?

HR asks this question to know if you are really interested in knowing more about company or not.

Sample Answer:

"Yes Sir/ Ma'am, What are next hiring processes? I have read your company news that you are going to start some new project, can you tell me something about that though I'm highly interested in that?"

Hope you find this article helpful. Team Road To Code wishes you all the best for your interview.

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