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Why Every Student Can and Should Start Their Own Startup

Why Every Student Can and Should Start Their Own Startup

Starting a business while studying is an excellent idea because...

Suraj Shende

Published on Mar 11, 2021

3 min read

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Starting a business while studying is an excellent idea because you are in a network of potential co-founders, product designers, and mentors(although it has its own pros and cons). In fact, many startups like Facebook, Flipkart started in college dorms. Nowadays, most of the colleges have their own Startup School or Incubation Center for student startups. But it’s not enough, you need to deep dive into different areas like planning, product building, marketing, etc.

Here are some keynotes for you if you are planning for a startup in college days

1. Career Building

You established a startup it means you worked hard enough to lead a team of smart people, you worked hard enough to make yourself different from the crowd, you worked hard enough to build different skills to make your startup successful. When things don’t go as planned it’s called an experience. Even if you fail, wear it as a badge of honour because it will help you land into any high paying job easily.

2. Do What You Love

If you are interested in particular stuff, then start a business related to your interest because then you don’t need any motivation to push yourself and at the same time you can enjoy what you love.

3. Use College Resources

Guidance: Find a professor who can guide you through the whole process of starting up. College is the place where you can get a lot of resources which possibly turns into a gamechanger for your startup. College Clubs: You can market your idea through the club members of different clubs. It will help you figure out what works, what doesn’t, what type of people give you joy, what kind of make you go crazy. Library: You can use the library to read books on a variety of subjects like Programming, Business, Law which will definitely help you a lot. You can use it as a workplace for your startup in the initial days. “College is a small sandbox where you can do beta testing with your startups.”

4. Team Building

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A good team doubles the chances of success. Here your team building qualities will work and you will learn how to work in a team. Here are the main glimpses of work Setting goals and dividing responsibility. Communicating about the progress. Giving credit to work. Helping each other in difficulties.

In the initial days, you might not have enough money to hire employees, In that case, you could try to give equity to them, so that they will work as hard you.

5. Travelling Opportunities

For different conferences and meetings, you will travel a lot and eventually learn a lot also. You will get the opportunity to exchange novel ideas and thoughts with different people and who doesn’t like it?

6. Recognition

Many websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc. will feature you and invite you to share your experience with peers and potential entrepreneurs.

7. Celebrate the Success

To keep you and your team working, to share happiness in the team you must enjoy the little milestones of success.

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Pros of being an Entrepreneur while studying.

  • Less Risk.

  • Many Learning Opportunities.

  • Free Resources.

  • Great experience of Team Leading.

Cons of being an Entrepreneur while studying.

  • Loss of Academics.

  • Less time for other works.


The success rate of startups is very low still, students can make their hands dirty in it to explore the passion, to make money, to learn skills.

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